Sunday, June 18, 2006


Fathers Day 2006: Seth's gift, and a thank you to all my kiddles. You're wonderful children!

See Seth's BLOG, which shows him meeting Garrison Keillor.


Fathers Day 2006: Fathers who have influenced my life

Clovis Hill*, my father. Kim Little, Jodi's father. Scott Johnson, my son-in-law. Keith Perkins, Lupe's foster father. James Henry Hill, my paternal grandfather. Simon Díaz*, my father-in-law. Daniel Díaz*, my brother-in-law. Henry Lunt (seated in front of log house), my maternal great-grandfather. Heaton Lunt (on Henry's knee), my maternal grandfather.

*Photos taken today.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Simon & Jodi Make West Coast Appearance!

Thanks to an actuarial convention and a Chicago concert, Simon and Jodi tripped out to the west coast for a weekend. What a thrill for Lupe & Brad! We gathered all the family available, including Silvia, who had just arrived from Peru, and Kathleen, who made a special trip down from Yorba Linda to meet the couple. Enjoy these photos of a delicious collaborative meal of chicha morada, papa a la Huancaína, ceviche de pollo, and arroz con verduras. Your eyes will have to do the tasting!


Military Retirement Looms

On Seth's birthday, August 5th, Brad will be recognized at a Navy retirement ceremony. He will have served over 27 years combined in the Regular Army, Army Individual Ready Reserve (IRR), and Navy Selected Reserve (SELRES). The two and a half IRR years were passive and non-uniformed, except for one two-week training assignment at the old Balboa Hospital. This means he served 24+ years in actual uniform. Brad, with mixed feelings, will hang up his uniforms for the last time on September 30, and turn his attention to other activities.

Pictured here are Mrs. and Senior Chief Hill at a June 10 Navy "Dining Out" celebration. It was a fitting occasion on which to note and reflect upon the years we've worked as a team to be part of our nation's security. They also serve who wait, and watch, and pray... (John Milton).

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