Thursday, September 16, 2010


David's Posterity

This is the summer of gatherings! We missed Darren & Tia by a day, and of course the actively-serving missionaries were not present, but we saw all the rest of Dave's & Dana's offspring and spouses last night at Mission Beach. What a wonderful group!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Adventure Base 100 Coming to a Location Near You!

This traveling display will be at Salt Lake City South Town Center on September 24th & 25th. I went myself a few months ago (See my post dated January 9, 2010). I had this mock photograph taken that day, but have been saving it 'til now to catch your attention.

If you Utah Scouts and Scouters do go, I want you to know that in the trailer of the big semi there is a Scout Museum with displays from the various councils visited by the traveling event. The display from San Diego is an old Cub Scout leader uniform. It was donated to me in the 80's by a member of the Lemon Grove Ward, and I passed it along to the San Diego Imperial Counties Council last year. At the end of 2010, it will be placed in the National Boy Scout Museum, I am told. I'm always glad to see historic items spared from oblivion!

Monday, September 06, 2010


Respectfully consider this...(Edited since original post.)

Grandma Carol Hill is interested in knowing who might be interested in some of the items in her home. Some of us may be interested in these items, and may even have spoken for them in the past. My generation will claim most of the items with the idea of eventually passing them along to our heirs. Some of you grand kids may have good reasons why you'd like to be considered for certain items. At the time of this post, Mom's mostly concerned about little nick knacks that may seem to have little or no value, but that may be special memories for someone in the family. Knowing that they have value to you will help her set them aside as she does some downsizing around her house.

Contrary to my original post, these items are not going to be passed along just yet. Rather, we are recording your input for future reference. There's more to processing this than I had originally thought!

Please continue to email me, Brad, with your expressions of interest. It has been very touching to read of your memories and special times with Mom. The data you are providing about your interest in specific items is very much appreciated, and is being recorded.

You will probably recognize pictured objects you have become attached to as you have visited Mom. You may also have memories of things that are not pictured here. Search your memories. Feel free to ask me questions.

Please be aware that Mom's health is stable, though she appreciates your prayers for her comfort.

Thursday, September 02, 2010


Frederick Douglass (Third post from my trip to our nation's capitol)

Today my bishop asked me what my most significant impression had been during my week in Washington DC. Without hesitation, I responded that I was most impressed by the person of Frederick Douglass.

On my first day in DC, I scanned my map of national monuments, and was intrigued by one monument that was two miles off the National Mall to the east, in a neighborhood called Anacostia. The monument was for Frederick Douglass. I had read juvenile biographies of Mr. Douglass, but had an embarrassingly myopic view of the magnitude of this visionary man. My awareness was so limited, that I had to take a minute to sort out the difference between Frederick Douglass and Steven A. Douglas, who were both contemporaries of Abraham Lincoln.

Anacostia, once a blue-collar suburb restricted to white people, is where Frederick Douglass defied zoning traditions and established his final residence. It was a downhill jog to the monument, so I made a morning workout of it, thinking to ride public transportation back to the National Mall. On the tour of the monument I learned that Douglass had a carriage, but that he insisted upon walking up to the city when he went. He was close to my age when he started this practice, and he continued it for eighteen years. Following his example, I too walked back up to the Mall.

I absorbed much of his history and philosophy at the monument. With these fresh in my mind, I was amazed at how frequently Mr. Douglass' influence surfaced around Washington, and how frequently he was referenced throughout the week. Pictured here is a page from my National Park Service Passport. This Frederick Douglass sticker from 1992 is the only individual monument sticker available on the Mall right now. (The stamped cancellations in my passport may help you identify some of the sights I photographed in my last post.) Also pictured here are a cover from a compact disk that Seth discovered in a used book store near DuPont Circle, and one of the backdrop panels Glenn Beck chose to use at the "Restoring Honor" Rally on 8-28.

I invite all of my readers to examine the life of Frederick Douglass, a courageous visionary, an exemplary patriarch and a great American.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Second post from Washington DC...more to follow

This is a post about me and the the sights I saw while in the Washington DC area. Subsequent posts will feature things I learned while there, and experiences that merited reflection.

One of my goals on this trip was to visit the National Park Service assets in the National Capitol Area. I got twenty-nine new cancellations in my NPS Passport. (Four were actually from Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, which is in the Mid-Atlantic section of the Passport.)

Can you determine where I am in each of the photos in this collage? There are at least 44 shots. Most are near national monuments within the NPS, but others are part of the Smithsonian group of exhibits, or just scenes from the greater tri-state area.


My Nomination for the DC Area's "First Family" (First post from my trip to DC)

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