Monday, December 25, 2006


Merry Christmas 2006

Everybody has checked in except for Simon and Jodi, who are in England. Thank you, Simon & Jodi, for the heart-warming gifts you sent in advance of your trip. We're so delighted with them that we want the world to see them here.

Please enjoy these photos of our Christmas morning. Thank you, Brother Little, for the contribution of the Columbian chocolate to our traditional breakfast of tamales and panetón. We're looking forward to a visit in two days from Seth, Sasha, Scott, and the new generation of kiddles.

Since I was the photographer today, I don't appear in any of the pictures. I threw in a file photo of myself, just so you'll know I was here.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


High Priest Group Leadership Released

After nearly two and a half years of service, Brother Konold, Brother Holaday, and I were released on Christmas Eve as the leaders of the La Mesa First Ward High Priest Group. Brother Holaday is now the Ward Clerk, and I am the Cub Scout WEBELOS leader. Brother Konold awaits his new asignment.

Thank you, all who supported the efforts of the group over these past two years. I'm sure you will support the new leaders, Brother Dollar, Brother Keithly, and Brother Moreno.

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