Sunday, April 16, 2006


Ray & MaryAnn visit La I'm not so clueless

My photo posting failed me for a while. Now that it's back up, I want to acknowledge a warm visit from our dear friends, Ran & MaryAnn. Friends of ours since 1979, they have been loyal and supportive, and have been marvelous examples to us of devotion and industry.

Connect to their BLOG by clicking their link on this page.


Official Wedding Announcement: On May 13 in Orlando, the lovely and talented Jodi Little will become Sister Jodi Hill

I've added some couple photos to the March 7 BLOG as well. Enjoy!


Heritage Park, near the Mormon Battalion Visitors Center

A Spring Break field trip! San Diego has many points of interest.


Easter 2006

How does that bunny get up here?


Easter 2006

After telling the Easter story on Saturday evening, the grandkids enjoyed an egg hunt. We don't know what the Easter Bunny has to do with Easter, but we were feeling so good that we invited him in.

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